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Brief Introduction of the Company


Beijing Zhongjinyi Economic Information Consulting Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “zhongjinyi”) established in 1999 , a pivot economic information consulting company supported by the State Commission of Development and Reform. It has high credit ratings in the area of researching of professional economic intelligence and information analysis.

The main line of business of the company is to assist banks to complete credit project audit and evaluation, as well as provide credit risks, track trades, seek the market and regional opportunities and offer the analysis reports for financial organizations including banks covering over 50 industries. For the moment, zhongjinyi serves over 200 banks including state policy banks, the four major state-owned commercial banks and ten joint-stock commercial banks of the country etc, almost covering the major commercial banks who have larger branches of the credit approval. Along with the gradual expansion of business, zhongjinyi ?has ?became one of the best of all information service providers for the commercial banks featuring a scientific nature, feasibility and a professional study.

Zhongjinyi has a professional team including 60 credit expert consultants, 26 professional project evaluators, 98 industry expert consultants, 56 expert analysts and 89 assistant analysts.




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